Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I wish our home renovation were D-O-N-E.
The renovation is taking much longer than expected. And as excited as I am to see the improvements coming to fruition, I'm sick of living in a home that's being renovated.

I wish we had county water hooked up at our new house.

After seven weeks, it looks like it might happen soon. They've marked up the road in front of our property, and the end of our driveway. Hopefully that means something's about to happen.

I wish we had internet hooked up at our new house (mental note: call cable company to follow up. Again.)

Six weeks and numerous phone calls later, we still don't have internet. We got a note on our door about 10 days ago saying "Pardon our Dust" because they'll be installing an underground line for us (kinda cool), but no date, no estimated date, nothing. And haven't heard anything since. And unfortunately we can't find another broadband provider in the area. Grr.

Sometimes I wish we had a television.

We haven't owned a television in seven weeks. Our old one got damaged in the move. Actually before the actual move, but during the packaging, etc. It's been surprisingly easy to give it up. But then there are times... like last night. Jena was tired & cranky, and I just knew that if I could find something halfway interesting for her on TV, we could cuddle up on the couch together instead of her taking turns throwing her toys into the ground as hard as she could.
Or when I want to check the weather. Waiting for the page to load on my blackberry is just annoying (but at least I have that!). It'd be nice to just be able to flip on a news show & see.
Or like when I'm home alone. The house is just too dang quiet, and I would love to have the mindless drone of TV voices & soundtracks on in the background.
Oh, and before you suggest it, we don't own a radio either.

a beautiful new bedroom set

Growing up, I always got hand-me-down or yard-sale furniture. I didn't get my "own" bedroom set until I was 27-years-old. For some reason, this meant a whole lot to me. I spent weeks shopping until I found the perfect one. I paid for it myself, and my parents generously purchased my mattress set, as a Christmas gift. And I loved it. It was beautiful. It was exactly what I wanted. And it was mine.
When I moved in with Jason however, he declared that he didn't like it, and we eventually sold it on Craigslist.
We recently sold "his" bedroom set on Craigslist, as I declared that we were starting out in our new home in a new bed.
But for now, we are bedless. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
Jason wants to get one off of Craigslist. And while I know this is the more financially practical choice... there's a big part of me that longs for a brand new, picked it out ourselves, never-anyone's-but-ours bed.

I've also already started my Christmas List for this year.

So far it consists of:

an ironing board cover

My father-in-law had the gall ingenuity to use my (we got as a wedding present and I loved it) ironing board as a tile-cutting-table when they were installing our, well, tile floors.
I've cleaned it pretty well, but there are some stains that aren't coming off, as well as some... grout? plaster? I don't know. Some plastery-looking stuff that has hardened in two places and won't come off.
So I'd like a new cover. And while I'm at it, I'd like a cute one.

a laptop

Jason keeps saying I can have his old current one, and he'll get a new netbook.
I don't like this for two reasons:
#1 - I think it's impractical.
With both of us working for his business, I think it's a smarter idea for both of us to have laptops
#2 - I don't want someone's hand-me-downs.Even Jason's. Even if it were more practical, if we went with his idea basically he would get a new computer two years in a row (laptop in Nov. 2009, netbook in Dec. 2010), and I would get his hand-me-down.


Jodi said...

Blogger was acting weird while I was trying to publish it. I swear I formatted better than it's showing up. LOL.

violajack said...

How many hours a day do you spend in your bedroom? How many hours a day do you spend on the computer between work and play? If the answer is anywhere near "a lot" then it's worth investing in these things.

Sure, it's practical to get a used set off craigslist, and that's still a great place to start looking. Perhaps you'll even find the set you want for a great deal. You'll at least get ideas. But your bedroom should be a place to relax. As much as I'm against the idea of things bringing happiness, if a bedroom set makes you smile at the end of a long, hard day - that's worth something.

If you're doing work on a computer, it's good to have one you like. That helps balance out the fact that it's work. If it's your tool, it should be your choice.

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