Friday, October 8, 2010

No High Places for FireDog

Our Anatolian Shepherd, FireDog, needs a high place to roost. It's in his blood. That's what Anatolians do.

Our old yard, which was on a semi-steep hill, provided him a great high place to overlook his domain, as I used to put it.

Our new property... not so much. Unfortunately the highest parts of the property:
  a) aren't that high, and
  b) are outside of the invisible fence, because
  c) they're in the woods, and our neighbors ("neighbors" meaning the guy who owns the 500 acres behind our property) hunt, and I'm chicken to let my dogs roam that area unsupervised

Which means he has no high place. Which is in his blood.

So... this morning I looked out the front window to find him sitting on top of our car, looking out over our front property, happy as could be.

Luckily it was the old car, but still.

I told FireMan I think we're gonna have to build him some sort of roost, or else we're gonna have a heck of a lot of scratches on the car(s).

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