Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love my Breasts (possibly TMI for some, but probably not what you're thinking)

I really do. My breasts rock.

But... I also have a strong family history of breast cancer.

So, several weeks ago, when I was putting on deodorant and felt a sizable lump in my right armpit, I was... shaken.

And when I saw my family doctor two days later, and he didn't know what it was, and felt a second lump deep under the skin in the same armpit...

I'm not gonna lie. I was freaked.

I chose not to tell anyone except my husband. Why? Because I knew the worry that would ensue, and didn't want to put anyone thru that until I knew, for sure, what was going on.

My doctor ordered a mammogram of both breasts, and an ultrasound of the right auxilliary (armpit) area. Before I could get into the hospital for my tests, the second lump showed itself.

Oh, did I mention that? These were so big that although upon palpating them they were obviously deep under the skin, they were also so large that they were visible.

The mammogram came back normal.

The ultrasound showed two large, fluid-filled cyst-type masses. The radiologist who read them met with me personally, and told me he believes they were the result of a "bad infecton" but appeared that they were now draining on their own, and to see my family doctor for an antibiotic if I were concerned or if they didn't go away.

Sure enough, within a couple of days they had significantly shrunk in size, and now they appear to be all gone.

Still kinda curious about this supposed "bad infection". But anyway...

My family doctor called to follow up a few days ago. Said if I wanted to have said masses removed, he would recommend a general surgeon. I told him "not at this time".

And then, two days later another lump showed up. So I've changed my mind. I really don't think it's cancer, as even I know it's not acting like cancer usually does. But I also really don't think it's an infection, as the radiologist said. And I know from my past of working in the medical field that whenever a mass is removed surgically, they almost always send it off to pathology just to be sure.
And so I'm thinking that surgery might be the only way I find out what this is, and know for sure that it's nothing to worry about.

Of course I tried to call my doctor's office yesterday during lunch, and after being on hold for over 13 minutes had to hang up, and by the time I realized I could call again they had closed.

And today? The third lump is shrinking.

I'm not sure what to do. Go ahead & call? Wait to see if another one shows up? Just not sure.

I love my breasts. They rock. And I plan on keeping them for a very long time.


Melissa said...

I hope everything is ok! I would be sure to keep and eye on it, and if anything else comes up call.

Marianne said...

Have the surgery, you know that a definitive answer is the only way to put your mind to rest.

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