Monday, October 11, 2010

Half-wall & kitchen cabinets & insurance, oh my!

Well, our main (FireGirl's) bathroom really looks like a bathroom. Meaning we now even have a shower curtain & bathmat, and regularly keep items in there.

FireMan spent most of the weekend building the halfwall that will contain our kitchen, while still giving us the open feel that we both love.

I spent yesterday defacing, cleaning, and painting kitchen cabinets.

And... we received a letter from our homeowners insurance informing us that they are cancelling our policy. Eleven days from now.
Due to "premises being unoccupied".
Which we find interesting, since FireMan lives there full-time, and I live there part-time. And even FireGirl stays over every now & then.
Not sure how they're defining "unoccupied". FireMan's job for today was to call them and politely give them what-for.
In fact, since he's taken off so many days to work on the house, he's actually occupying it more now than he will when it's finished. So....
Needless to say we're very aggravated.

We've reached the point where we don't need to have tools & supplies out and about much anymore, so we're hoping to actually "move" in for good - including FireGirl after thiscoming weekend. Something we are all very much looking forward to. Not having our entire family live all together for five weeks has definitely taken its toll on each of us.

Thanks for checking in~!

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Melissa said...

SO CLOSE!!!! I am excited for you!

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