Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weighty Wake Up Call

This past weekend we attended my company's Family Day at a local amusement park.

We spent most of the time on the kiddie rides. FireGirl had a blast!

When the rides allowed a parent to accompany the child, for the most part FireMan went. I happily offered that to him, as he hasn't been able to spend very much time with FireGirl lately, due to working on our house.

Well, there was one ride that allowed both parents to ride, so I enthusiastically joined in the fun. Until they informed us that even the parents have to wear seat belts. And?

I was this close to not being able to ride. This close.

I. Was. Mortified.

The attendant had to help me get my seat belt on.

Did I mention I was mortified?

And that, dear readers, is what you call a Weighty Wake Up Call.

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