Monday, September 13, 2010

Wallpaper, Underground Fencing, a Waterline, and Pets

Removing wallpaper sucks. That is all.

After the dogs got out of their temporary kennel three times this past weekend, we decided to go ahead with the underground fencing. Debated between the do-it-yourself kind, or the professional installation. Considering the price difference ($500 vs $2000+), we decided to try the DIY set first.

Got it finished yesterday, and took FireDog for his first training walk around the perimeter. He did great. After the first few tries, he wanted nothing to do with those white flags.

Take him out this morning. FireMan starts the walk and notices that every time FireDog sees a white flag, he tries to turn in the other direction. So he decides to take the leash off of him & see how he does. He immediately runs thru the fenceline, yelping as he goes thru. Then, because he's scared, he runs back thru it to get back to us.

I. Hate. This.

I keep telling myself that the end result (dogs safely contained on our property) is well worth it. But I hate this learning process.

So FireMan decides to take out FireDog #2. Yeah, she walks right thru the fence like nothing. He increases the level by one. She again walks thru the fence like nothing. He takes the collar off of her & tests it. It's working. Just not phasing her. At that point I had to leave for work, but he was gonna try increasing the strength of her shock (I cringe just saying that) and see how she does. Gonna let FireDog calm down & rest until he takes him back out for more training.

But the big project of the day is digging the ditch for the waterline. Having running water will be soooooooo nice. Peeing in a bucket & going to the gym for showers is getting old.

Oh, another dog issue - FireDog #2 is cat aggressive. We have two cats.
Previously the cats were indoors, dogs outdoors, so no problems.
We were hoping to bring the dogs indoors more with the new house, but obviously trying to kill my cat is not good. So that idea's on hold.
Well, FireKitty has had major pooping issues. As in, she poops all over the house. I've taken her to the vet, exhausted my knowledge of all things cats, and consulted with several cat-ty friends. All to no avail. So we made the difficult (for me) decision to make her an indoor/outdoor cat. Oddly enough, since we've let her outside, she's not pooped in the house once, even though she still spends about half of her time inside.
Anywho... this morning, outdoor FireKitty and off-the-leash FireDog #2 saw each other for the first time. FireDog #2 was immediately on the hunt. Literally. Neither FireMan nor I could call her off. It took him physically knocking her to the ground for her to stop trying to get at FireCat, who was by then cowering under the car.

Not. Good.

Major dilemma.

Ideally we would have all five animals (three dogs, two cats) living together peacably, all of them indoor/outdoor animals now that we have so much land. But one trying to kill the other is not good. Like really not good.

Taking suggestions.

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