Thursday, September 16, 2010

Underground Fencing Seems to be Working

For two dogs at least. I took FireDog around the fenceline again last night, and he seemed to get it. He wouldn't go near the white flags. So I took him off the leash. And he never once tried to go thru the fence. Although after a while I did notice him poking thru some brush where the white flags weren't as noticeable. But the minute he saw one, he'd turn away.

Took Spots along the fenceline for the first time. The first time he got close and his collar vibrated, he tried to reach it to bite at it. The next time he decided to keep walking, and got shocked (Eeek!). Then vibrate. Then shock. Then... he learned. He really seemed to get it, and has always been good about staying around the house anyway, so I took the leash off, and... he never once tried to leave.


Still need to work on Hydrant though. She's a knothead, that one. Probably take them each around once tonight, and see how she does.

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