Friday, September 17, 2010

Our God is an awesome God

I really & truly feel that God is blessing us with this house, and that He continues to leave little blessings for us in unexpected places, to show us that we did indeed make the right decision in buying this house.

You might call it coincidence. Others might call it fate. Someone else might call it luck. I call it GOD.

Why? you ask.

Well, first, there's how we found the house. Did you know that at the time we weren't even looking. FireMan was online looking for houses for his parents, who had recently decided it was time to move. Stumbled upon the listing for our house, and showed it to me, as it was exactly what we'd always said we wanted.

Then, there's the fact that the first loan fell thru. Sure, a great disappointment at the time, but if that loan hadn't fallen thru, the bank would never have lowered the price by the $15k that they did by the time we put in our 2nd offer.

Then, there's the timing of our purchase. Sure, it was a pain in the buttocks. But looking back, the timing has worked out wonderfully for our family.

And then there's paying for the renovations, specifically for the materials. We had looked at items earlier, but refused to buy anything, lamenting the fact that we were missing such great deals. So we never actually bought anything until after we closed. But immediately after we closed.

We closed on Friday. On Saturday we hit the home improvement stores. Ended up one of our local home improvement stores was remodelling, and had a TON of stuff on clearance. And I mean a clearance like you've never seen it.

You'd like some examples? Sure.

A large laminate countertop, the exact style we had picked out, regularly $105, we paid $5
All of the hardware for our cabinets (kitchen & bathroom) - 50 cents a piece.
Outide lights, regularly $45 each, we paid $13

And the deals continue. Still. To this day. Well, at least to yesterday.

And the kicker? The reason I feel that God is behind this? It's never what we intend to buy, but it's always exactly what we want.

Like the stove FireMan found at the home improvement store near his work, which he only went to because his buddy wanted to go: regularly $800. Has a small dent in the side (which will be hidden by counters anyway), he paid $300.

Like the tile that is regularly over $1/sq ft, being on clearance for less than 60-cents per sq foot.

Or like last night when we went just to buy a gas can, and some ceiling lights for the bedrooms. And happened to see some ceiling fans on clearance. Hadn't planned on buying those yet. But look, they're only $33. Regular price? $129. Discontinued style. Actually much nicer than we had planned on purchasing. But now? much cheaper than we had planned on spending.

Things like this keep happening.

Like all three of our dogs getting loose the one night when neither of us is staying there, and we're both an hour away from the house. And the couple that happens to find them ending up being a general contractor (him), and so awesomely nice & generous as to offer his services "for a steak dinner", and a horse breeder / riding instructor (her), and when they heard we had a daughter, offered to have us bring her down "anytime" to see the horses. Have I ever mentioned that FireGirl (and her mommy) loves horses? Since then they've actually called or stopped by several times just to see how we're coming along, and to offer their help again. Of all the people who could have found our dogs, what are the chances?

Like FireMan expecting to have to put all these additional supports in the wall, then when they tear into it, they realize nope, supports are already there.

Just a million random things that have gone our way, as if by magic, that we never expected.

Praise be to God!

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Melissa said...

AMEN! I am so glad everything is coming together so well! I can't believe how much you have done already. Keep up the good work, your dream house awaits.

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