Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looks Like This is It!

We're scheduled to close on both houses tomorrow.

Closing on the sale of our current home in the morning, and the purchase of our new home in the afternoon.

Went ahead and went to the new house last night & built a small run for the dogs (until we get fencing installed), and bug-bombed the house.
Not technically supposed to, but the joys of buying a foreclosure that's been empty for months, and whose agent doesn't really care.

FireGirl will be spending the next few nights with my parents, so we can finish packing & get moved & things taken care of.

So... naturally... I had a breakdown putting her to bed last night. Her last night in this house. Last night in her nursery. And since she's getting a big-girl bed at the new house, the last time I'd ever lay her to sleep in her crib. I was a mess. For like an hour after putting her to bed.

As much as I hate this house, it's still the first home that FireMan & I shared, the house that we brought FireGirl home to, the only home she's ever known. There are a lot of good memories here.

This morning, my parents picked up FireGirl as I left for work. I had them wait at the car while I took her around and said goodbye to all the rooms, the yard, the deck, the house. Other than being concerned about the puppies (yes, they'll come to the new house with us), the cats (yes, they'll come to the new house with us), and her toys (yes, they'll be at the new house for you), she did fine and was adorably cute as she waved and said "Byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" to each and every room. Although when it came time to say goodbye to the house and get in the car, she started crying and didn't want to leave.

I think she understands as much as a 23-month-old can, but I'm still worried about the change stressing her. Heck, it stresses me!

Tonight we have someone coming to look at maybe buying our bedroom set (please!), and I'll finish up as much packing & laundry as possible. Tomorrow is both closings and finish moving. Saturday we're planning to move the pets to the new house, and do a final walk-thru of the old house to make sure we didn't forget anything. Saturday night is our first night staying with my brother & his wife (we're staying there until the renovations get done).

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Melissa said...

That is so exciting and yes sad. I hope firegirl does well with all the changes coming up. Good luck packing!

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