Monday, September 20, 2010

I heart underground fencing

It's working! For all three dogs!

I'm amazed.

I hate, hate, hate that they get shocked if they cross over, although after the first couple of attempts, they now turn back if they get close to the flags, or if not, then definitely by the time their collar beeps (it beeps before administering the shock).

And... I have never felt so secure having our dogs in the yard. Not even when we had a five foot high fence around the yard at our old house.

It's probably the first time I have ever felt like our dogs were truly contained on our property, and safe.

And that, to me, makes it worth it.

Now that we feel they are secure, we allow them to roam the property, including the house, while we are there working on it. Which means they mostly stay in the house with us.

So I decided I might as well start teaching them their "off-limits" areas, even though the house is in shambles. This means the kitchen, and the spare room (because the cat food & kitty litter will be kept there). I'm debating on the dining room as well. I'd like to have that off-limits for the dogs, but with our new open floorplan, there's no visible delineation for the dining room, and it kinda melds into the hallway, which melds into the living room.
They're doing really well with the off-limits areas. Considering. Still more work to be done, but we're making progress.

Now... if I could just get Hydrant to stop trying to hunt down FireKitty...

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