Friday, September 10, 2010

Got Noticed at Work

Wrote a letter to my direct supervisor telling him why I thought I deserved more than I was getting, and requesting a response.

Instead of responding, he met with his boss, and his boss's boss, and HR. And you know when HR gets involved it ain't good.

Had a meeting last Thursday with my boss & HR. It was very... tense. And awkward.

They basically blew me off. In a very politically-correct-making-sure-we're-not-doing-anything-illegal-even-if-it-is-unethical sort of way.

That did not make me happy.

So I talked with our Senior Vice President.

Yeah. Let's just say I got noticed.

I was off Friday thru Tuesday, so figured Wednesday I'd either have a pink slip on my desk, or...

Well, I still have a job, so...

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Sometimes it takes not being there to be noticed lol kind of like being a mom/wife:) I hope things good things are coming your way!

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