Friday, September 10, 2010


FireMan & his dad spent the majority of yesterday working on electrical stuff. None of the bedrooms in the house had ceiling lights, so they re-wired and cut holes in the ceiling of each room to accomodate lights. Also had to do some re-wiring to accomodate the additional lights we're putting in the kitchen area. And some of the original power switches were in really odd (to us) places, so they moved them. Like, for FireGirl's bedroom, the powerswitch wasn't in the bedroom at all, but in the main hallway. Oh, and they had to move one light switch from the wall they tore out the other day.

So, a very busy day for them.

My primary job is to prepare the walls & paint. And I've realized over the past couple of days that there's not much use in me planning to work on the house after I get off work. At least not until the lighting's done. By the time I leave work & we get dinner, the natural light is fading fast.

Speaking of natural light, I love how much we get in the house. Even though there are plenty of trees, we still get lots of light as well. I think mostly because the house sits on a knoll. In the evening the sun sets in the front of the house, casting a beautiful light through our loverly new front door. And in the mornings it rises to the back of the house, and I've enjoyed watching the pinks & yellows rise thru the trees. Love it.

Tearing down that wall really opened up the house (literally, ha!), and the natural light just floods the main part of the house beautifully. Love it!

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