Monday, August 2, 2010


Need. A. Nap.

FireGirl had me up from 1am-3am.

Several times this past week this has happened. It's starting to creep me out. She wakes up screaming sometime between midnight & 1am. I go in, ask her what's wrong / what happened, and she points to the window then starts crying again.

Really starting to creep me out. The blinds are drawn, but still.

I get her out of bed, change her diaper if she's wet, get her a drink, and we lie together on the couch, usually for at least an hour, before I can get her back to bed.

Whatever it is, it is really upsetting her.

And it's starting to freak me out.


Steph{anie} said...

I wonder if she's having night terrors. Hope it gets better!

Cynthia said...

Is there a bush by the window that might need trimmed? A neighborhood cat that might be climbing up on your window ledge? I've noticed the half-moon shining in my skylight - does the moon shine in her window?

I have to say, if it happened more than twice, I might be curious enough to drink some java and stay up to see what's going on. Let her fall asleep alone without you in the room, then come in and take a perch to wait it out.

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