Monday, August 16, 2010

Starting to Think We Need a Talent Agent for FireGirl

LMBO... sort of.

Now that I know what to look for, I'm starting to be able to tell when she's "acting". But boy, is she good at it.

She did it again to me yesterday when she first woke up. Crying, crying. I go into her room, which normally results in a grin. Nope, she kept crying & whining. I stopped and said "Are you faking on momma?" and a smile slowly came across her face.

It's like she's so proud of herself for faking you out.

So I got an idea. Changed her diaper, got her dressed. Took her out to the living room & stood in front of the large mirror we have in the doorway.

"Okay, show me your sad face. When you're really, really sad and you feel like you want to cry. Show me when you're sad".

She does a sad face. And holds it until I say "Good job!"

"Okay, show me your angry face. What do you look like when you're mad at momma? When you're really, really angry at momma?"

She furrows her brow & produces an angry face. Again, holds it until I say "Good job"

"Can you cry for momma?"


"Okay, can you show me really, really super-happy?"

Huge grin, spreading from ear to ear.

"Can you laugh for momma?"

Laughs on cue.

Later in the day, we're driving to the grocery, and I have the rear view mirror tilted so I can see her. She looks really upset.

"Are you faking?"


Then she makes the face again.

She continues "practicing" her faces the rest of the drive. Every time I glance back at her she's "doing" another emotion.

Seriously... is this normal for toddlers? My parents don't remember any of us kids doing it. Definitely not this young.

Combine that with what happened when FireMan's mom took FireGirl to get pics done in a studio. I wasn't there to see it, but my mother-in-law tells us that the photographer was shocked at how easy FireGirl was to work with. She said that every pose the photographer told her to do, FireGirl would do with ease, and hold until she was told it was okay to move. Smiled when she was told to smile. Looked in whatever direction she was given. Even allowed them to place her arms and legs in different positions & held it until she was told to move. Mother-in-law said the photographer told her over & over how easy FireGirl was to work with, and that she was a natural in front of the camera.

FireMan & I have said that if acting / modelling / pagaents / performing in any way are something she shows interest in once she's old enough to show interest, then we will do what we can to get her involved in those activities, and support her in them, and allow her to do them as long as she is enjoying it, but that we wouldn't push her towards anything. Especially after last year's Baby Contest experience.
But I have to admit. As many compliments as we get on her appearance, and as many times as we've been told how photogenic she is, and now this new "acting" thing, there's a part of me that wonders if not getting her started now, is doing her any sort of disservice. Part of me thinks that's really silly, she's still so young. But part of me knows that in today's world they start them younger & younger and the earlier she starts, the better chance she might have of being successful in the future.
I wish there were a way to know now if this were something she's really gonna have an interest in when she's older.

And now I feel like I'm just rambling on without really making any points, so... I guess that means it's time to go.

Thanks for checking in!

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violajack said...

Wow, how neat to turn something negative (faking injuries) and turn it into a positive learning experience (look in the mirror and play with momma). I think there's nothing wrong with taking her to an agent and getting her going in acting/modeling. It sounds like she'd make one of those super cute commercial kids who can giggle and drink whatever juice they're trying to sell. As long as she has fun, and it sounds like she does, especially if it's a game to play with momma.

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