Monday, August 16, 2010

Moving Sale results & Updates

We had our moving sale last Saturday. Sat out in the heat & humidity for over eight hours to make all of fifty bucks. So not worth it.

Took some pictures of the larger items still left, and plan to post on CraigsList to see if we get any takers.

Also on Saturday the contractors came to fix our electric line issue. What I didn't know, is that that wouldn't totally fix it. Tomorrow the inspector comes to inspect their work. As long as it passes inspection (it better!) we then have to notify the electric company to come & actually re-do the hookup from the street to the house. Just another delay.
The kicker is that we're technically not supposed to have electricity until it's inspected. But the contractors took pity on us and rigged it up so that we can. Only thing is that it doesn't  hold the amps of a normal connection, so we can't run the dryer while the air conditioner's running. So that's fun.

Waiting for proof of insurance from the contractor we're using at our new house, to send to our underwriter as part of the approval (needed since it's a renovation loan).

And... was informed today by our bank that their appraiser has recommended two additional inspections on the new house: a roof inspection, and a septic inspection. Ugh. So now we're trying to find out if a regular old home inspector can do it, or if they're requiring any sort of specialist (roofing company, etc) to do the inspection so we can schedule it.
Oh, and the appraiser decided that the furnace needs repairs, but we weren't given any details on what kind of repairs. So we're trying to get more information on that.

It's just so frustrating. One delay after another.

Still trying to understand this appraisal thing. Seems so... arbitrary. I mean, we've already passed inspection. So why do we need more inspections? Isn't it the home inspector's job to decide that stuff? And these furnace repairs, doesn't that also fall under the home inspector's responsibilities? Who is the appraiser to decide that the first home inspection wasn't enough?
I've also heard of appraisers requiring sellers to paint rooms, or install new floor trim, or other random cosmetic things. Isn't up to the buyer if they want those stipulations? What does that have to do with anything?
I'm just really having a hard time understanding what service the appraiser really provides. I mean, really? What do they do?
Did you know (in our state anyway) there's no standard for home appraisers? It really is arbitrary. Other than the numbers they pull up from comps & tax records, it's totally up to the opinion of the appraiser and what they like or don't like. That just doesn't seem right to me.

Just another way of delaying the process.

Anyway, the (potentially) good news is that our loan officer understands our situation and why we're in a time crunch, and told us today that as soon as their underwriter approves everything, he'll have us closed in 48 hours.

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Beth said...

I could not agree more with your appraiser opinion. Simply ridiculous!

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