Saturday, August 21, 2010

Got Some Great Deals

No news on the purchase / sale of our houses, but we have gotten some great deals on things we'll need for renovations in the new house.

A few months ago FireMan got a medicine cabinet , similar to this one:
Regular price was $130, FireMan paid $20. It was discontinued, and was a return, and had been on clearance for three weeks already. He happened to be there right at closing, saw a manager, and asked if he take $20 for it. And he did.

Doesn't hurt to ask, huh?

And then last night we got a bath surround similar to this one:
Regular price $209, we paid $50. It was returned because it had a tiny crack in one corner. But we figure for that much savings, we'll deal with the little crack.

Both will go in the guest (FireGirl's) bathroom, and were exactly what we had planned on getting. Just at a lot less cost to us.

I foresee our renovation expenses getting smaller & smaller.

Woot! Woot!

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