Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God Bless Our Home Inspector

We found out that the bank does not require any sort of specialist for the additional inspections, and so he drove out last night to do the additonal inspections that the bank was requiring at the appraiser's recommendation.

Found nothing wrong with the roof (duh!), and nothing wrong with the septic system (duh!), and the "repair" that the appraiser requested for the furnace, wasn't even a repair at all. The metal cover had fallen (or been taken) off and just had to be put on. FireMan did it while the inspector was there, he checked it out & said all was good. Said he'll write it all up & have it to us sometime today.

God bless him!

And... we finally got the rest of the paperwork back from our contractor, so I just need to send that to our loan officer.

And... the appraisal on our current home was today. FireMan was home for it and the appraiser said he saw nothing wrong with the home and would write it up & get it sent to the buyer's bank today.

Maybe this is finally coming together.

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