Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tucker got out!

Tucker got out the other night. And it terrified me.

I came home around 9pm, and walked in the door with my arms full, and he snuck out between my legs. By the time I put Jena down and turned around, he was in the neighbor's yard, being chased by the neighborhood cat. I went out and tried to get him. They were on the verge of fighting. The neighborhood cat didn't see me and I snuck on him and stomped on the ground next to his head, thinking he would run off & I could grab Tucker & take him home.


Oh, the neighborhood cat ran. But Tucker also ran, in the opposite direction. I followed him into the next yard, but he kept going. And Jena was in the house alone so I couldn't go any further.

I called Jason, who was at a water rescue meeting. So when he came home he drove around the neighborhood  looking for Tucker. Then he walked around the neighborhood looking. No luck. He came in, and I took a turn, and walked the entire neighborhood looking for Tucker. No luck. I came home & sat on our porch thinking if I was quiet and Tucker saw me there he would come up to me.

Nope. After a few minutes I started crying.

This is my baby. My baby boy. I've had him for 4 1/2 years, after adopting him from the local shelter. And he's not been outside since. It's now 11:30pm, and there's not much more we can do. I'm scared to death for him, and try to console myself by reminding myself that he's really big, and he has all his claws so at least he can defend himself.

I go inside. We go to bed, me somewhat reluctantly. We're lying in bed, and I'm looking out the window, which faces the front of our house, mentally making a list of everything I'll need to do the next day if he's not back in the morning: contact the local shelter, contact the microchip company, make up some lost posters, post lost ads on CraigsList, Facebook, etc.

About a half an hour later, I still can't sleep, and I look up to see a little white head poke out from under our car.

It's him!

I jump out of bed, run down the hallway to the front door, and look out. He's looking at me, but still hiding under the car.

I open the door to go get him, and the minute the door opens he bounds across the yard & straight into the house!

I was so happy! So relieved.

And it was so cute. The first thing he did was go up & lick on Tess. So cute.

Ever since he's been extra cuddly & wanting extra attention. I was hoping that meant he learned his lesson, but he's also been running to the door anytime I go near it, like he wants to go out again.

Not if I can help it.

I'm just so thankful that he came back. And so soon!

So thankful. And so relieved.


Melissa said...

I love happy endings!

Steph{anie} said...

I'm so glad he came back!

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