Monday, August 9, 2010

Can I cry now?

And unfortunately, not for joy?

We got an email from our loan officer today. The underwriter is asking for all sorts of documentation.

Not the least of which (in my mind anyway), is a letter from my employer explaining why I am a temp and not a permanent employee, so they can take it under consideration before approving our loan.

In case you haven't followed my other blog, you may not know that I am, technically, a temp. I have been employed by a temp agency, at the same assignment, for over six years. And I am not happy about it.

As you might guess, being a temp generally means that you are treated like a second class citizen.

I have been fighting to be hired on. My supervisors are all for it, and insist that HR keeps shutting them down.

Why, I don't know.

Been here over six years, increased my responsibilities a hundred-fold, and consistently get excellent "walk-on-water" reviews.

And now, I'm finding out that being a temp might keep us from getting our house.

I. Am. Not. Happy.

My agency is happy to write a letter explaining the "unique relationship" they have with the company I am contracted to, and why the bank should be willing to look at my position as permanent, even though it's technically a temporary position. Which is good. But there's no guarantee that the underwriter will accept it.

So, can I cry now?

Oh wait, I already did.

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