Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"You Are Not Invisible to God"

"What would it mean to my everyday life if I could see the work that I do as a real form of prayer? What if I bowed my head over the laundry and said a prayer of blessing rather than my usual cursing? How could I see my role as a wife and the mother... as though I were building a great cathedral? Would this change my day, or more to the point, my heart? How does one spread peanut butter as though it is a great offering to God? Will it spread more smoothly?"
page 58

What would it mean to my everyday life, to my heart, if I blessed the work that I do instead of cursing it? What a profound thought! What if I recognized that the smallest, most menial of tasks that I do, I recognized as building something great in the eyes of God? This needs more meditation. And practice.

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