Friday, July 23, 2010

This is too complicated.

So... FireMan talked to our bank yesterday. If we do the FHA loan, then my bankruptcy doesn't matter, and they will approve us even without selling our current home. The only issue is that FHA will not lend to purchase a house with a cistern, which the house we want to buy has. So we would have to add the contingency that we would hook into county water within "X" number of days.

Then he called our realtor. So the seller will entertain an offer from us only if our pre-approval letter specifically states that we do not need to sell our current home to be approved.

And by then it was 5pm and the bank closed.

So I emailed & called our bank yesterday, requesting a pre-approval letter that states that we don't have to sell our current home to be approved. No response yet.

If we can get it by the end of the day, then our realtor will come over tomorrow morning to draw up our offer.

If that happens, and if we close quickly, then we might actually not have any periods of homelessness.

Too many "if"s. I don't like it. But I don't think we have much choice at this point.

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Melissa said...

Sounds like everything is moving very quickly congratulations on selling your house. I look forward to hearing more about the new house.

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