Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looked at Other Houses Last Night

Just as a backup plan. Because the fact is we have to move next month, so if something falls thru with this house again, we need a plan.

Unfortunately, all driving around looking at other houses did was solidify how much we want this house. We looked at 8 or 9 houses, and the "best" one, I would only consider as a need-a-place-to-live-last-resort, to live in while we flip it, and then re-sell it.

Seriously. In our opinions, that was the best one for our needs.

The good-but-not-holding-my-breath-just-yet news is that we successfully put an offer on the house we want. Went to their realtor last night. I'm hoping we'll hear something today.

Oh, and we got the inspection report on our house. There's only one thing that needs fixing, and that's the electrical wires leading from the street to the house. I have no idea how we go about fixing that. Said where they attach to the house is against code, or something, and the wires are "frayed". FireMan left a message with his brother, who is an electrician, last night. We just have no idea where to start to get that fixed. I mean, my first thought was shouldn't the electric company take care of it? My second thought was how did the house pass inspection six years ago when he bought it?

I guess we'll just have to wait & see what the brother says. Not sure what else to do.

Thanks for checking in.

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