Thursday, July 22, 2010

I feel good! Nanananana!

I really should hit the gym more often. After our training session last night, I feel great!

And guess what? I used the forty pound weights last night! Not every time, but still. Forty! For me, that's a lot!

It's just so exciting to see my body getting stronger.

I'm thinking about trying a group class or two. Kinda scared. Both because I don't want to look like an idiot (ha!) and because they all look like they have a lot of impact involved. Which worries me about my back. But they look like fun. Everyone always looks like they're having so much fun while they're getting their butt kicked!
I guess I could pick one and try it once or twice. It's just scary for me, you know? I mean, the fact is if it's too much impact, one Zumba class could lay me up for a week or so. Scary.
But if it doesn't... then I could be missing out on a great way for me to get even stronger & healthier.
I guess I won't know until I try, but still... scary!

Oh, and I weighed myself at the gym, and my weight had gone down a little bit. Even being the end of the day, and after lunch & dinner. But my "official" weigh-in at Weight Watchers is later today, so I'll wait & see what that is before I get too excited.

Thanks for checking in!

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