Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here we go again

Contacted our bank yesterday to start the process for approval again. Sent them the signed agreement we have with the buyer of our current home.

Our realtor is supposed to meet with us tonight to go over putting another offer in on the house we want.

I'm nervous. Excited, but nervous.

We have six weeks to go thru the approval process, close on a house, do any needed renovations, and move in. That's right. As of August 31, we have no home.

So... nervous.

I'm also trying not to get too excited about the new house, just in case something falls thru again. That really broke my heart last time. Unfortunately, I was so upset that I threw away all the things I had collected regarding renovating & decorating the new house. So if we get it I have to start all over again. Which I'm slowly starting to do. I don't want to get all into it like I did before, just in case we don't get it, but I also realize that we're on a time crunch, so if we do get it, we need to go! go! go! and won't have time to ponder some of these decisions.

So... wish us luck!

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