Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Buddy has been injured

photo taken by TM Photography

This is Buddy. My wonderful, strong, protective defender of our home & property. And us.

And he's been injured.

"Protecting" us from either a raccoon. Or a groundhog. Or an opossum.

Why those three? Because Jason found what was left of the raccoon & the groundhog. And I got to witness the opossum, injured as it was, still playing 'possum (he eventually made it to safety).

Buddy suffered a bite to one of his paws, that has subsequently become infected. Such a little bite on such a big dog. And it's bad. Buddy took him to the vet yesterday. The infection is in his joint (like our ankle). He got two injections at the vet's office, and is on antibiotics & pain meds for the next 10 days. And is to be kept indoors as much as possible to limit his activity so he doesn't injure himself.

He hates being indoors. Hurt as he is. Oh, he enjoys being around us, and it's definitely better for tending to his injury, but he is clearly happiest as an outdoor dog. Typical of his breed (Anatolian Shepherd), they were never intended to be confined to a house.

Vet says he should be all better in 10 days. If not bring him back for X-rays to make sure there's not a tooth lodged in the wound.

I look forward to seeing him all better again, running the fenceline, then sitting on top of the hill watching over his domain.

Oh my Buddy.

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Steph{anie} said...

Poor FireDog! I hope he's doing OK now.

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