Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Neighbors-Up-the-Street:

Why do you have pets? Your dog runs the street, no collar. Found out yesterday the people that live next to us have been feeding her. And is it any wonder that when I raised my hand to scratch my head, she winced as though I were going to beat her? Big surprise. Your cats are all over the streets too. You have two other dogs that you keep in a tiny dog pen in your back yard. I've never seen them out, never seen you take them for a walk. I shudder to think how disgusting that pen must be. I wish I could see it better, so I would know when to call Animal Control.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, why would you treat your pets any better than you treat your kids? Letting them run the streets as well, you apparently have no concern for their safety & well-being either.

Word is your house has sold at auction, and you and your four children are moving into a small apartment a few streets over.  I hardly imagine you will take your many pets with you. What apartment complex would allow that many anyway? I imagine, as do several other neighbors, that you will either dump them all in the street, or will leave them to starve in the house / pen. But at least we have warning, so will keep an eye out.

FireMan knows  your dad. He says he's been buying groceries for you. Because, despite the fact that you have money for four-wheelers, go-carts, multiple laptops, a giant flat screen television, etc. you somehow continually have bare cabinets, and he can't stand the idea of his grandchilren going hungry.

You. Are. Losers.

I pity your children. I pity your pets. I pity anyone who loves you, and thus has to deal with your... immaturity? lack of responsibility? loserishness?

Pack your crap up & get out. Good riddance.

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