Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear B****:

Move along, you crazy stalker f***ing b**** whore.

Yep, I saw you drive past our house this afternoon. What? Hoping I wasn't here? Hoping FireMan was? Just stalking for the sake of stalking?

Did you think I wouldn't see you? You drove by so slowly anyone near a front window would have a hard time not looking outside to see who was driving by so freakin' slowly.

Haven't you had enough yet? Do you want me to ruin your life? Would your boyfriend like to know that you're still obsessed with your ex-husband? Because I can arrange for him to be informed of your shenanigans if you like. How do you think he would feel if he knew the lengths you went to to try to weasel your way back into you ex's life? I mean, you've taken some drastic steps to try to get FireMan's attention.

You need to understand that your attempts to tempt my husband into your arms p***y, well, I consider them a threat to my family. And you wanna f*** with my family, well... bring it. I will defend my family accordingly.

B***, be gone!

And now, dear readers, you know the primary reason we made such an abrupt decision to sell our home. Drive by's, stopping in front of our house, having packages "accidentally" shipped to her old address... and many, many more even more aggressive attempts by FireMan's ex-wife to get his attention all add up to it being time to move out of the house that they bought together and into one that we bought together. I hate that I'm letting her actions determine the timing of our actions, but at the same time you eventually reach a point where you just have to do what you can to remove your family from a situation.

1 comment:

Steph{anie} said...

Women like that need to be shot. Seriously, this bitch needs to get a life...I guess you should be flattered she cares so much.

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