Wednesday, July 7, 2010

backstory: June 3

Well, the appraisal on our new house went well. Meeting with our agent tonight to go over some things. Don't really know what it all means yet. Guess that's what realtors are for, huh?

Getting our house market-ready is going much more slowly than we thought. Of course, it didn't help that right in the middle of pressure-washing over the weekend, we had a water main break. And just life getting in the way. And some things taking a lot longer than we thought.

Front landscaping = done
New fence = done (although now FireMan thinks he wants to paint it)
Deck refinishing = not done, half power-washed
Basement = not done, half painted
Packing & cleaning the inside = not done, good amount of packing done, pretty much no cleaning done yet
Setting up spare room as an actual bedroom = not started, still need to find a twin bed we can borrow.

Oh, and our design idea for the new house involved knocking out the wall between the kitchen & the living room. That was a big part of our plans, because the kitchen is in kinda a weird place, and a strange layout, so we planned on knocking out the wall to open everything up. Uh, yeah. Ends up that's a load-bearing wall. Crap. So now trying to figure some things out. Seriously, the kitchen sucks with the current layout. Plus it's tiny. And closed off from everything. But if we can't knock out that wall, then I'm not sure what our options are to make it better. Ugh. Time to get creative, I guess.

Thanks for checking in!

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