Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Update

Our house is officially on the market. Already have one showing scheduled.

Sent back the loan papers to the bank today, so hopefully we'll get loan approval finalized ASAP.

FireGirl has multiple staph infections. Again. This time on her belly, thighs, and bicep. The pediatrician put her on an antibiotic today. She also has yet another bad diaper rash that won't go away. Pediatrician suggested we put her in all-natural diapers until it clears up, then go back to our regular brand (Pampers). Also suggested we put Desitin on her at every diaper change, even if she looks fine. And, of course, get her potty-trained ASAP. She's giving us more & more signs, but refuses to sit on the potty. Well, refuses to sit there to go potty. Loves to sit there & read. Wonder where she got that, LOL.

One new thing she's doing that I am fascinated by is that last night she told me a story for the first time. Strung together thoughts to tell me something. Of course, it would help if she would use actual words, but it was clear by her babbles, tone of voice, and hand motions, what she was telling me. And she told me the same thing over, and over, and over again. Her story goes something like this.

I hurt my knee. Fell down went boom. Outside. Driveway.

Sometimes it varies to:
Fell down went boom. Driveway. Outside. Hurt knee.

This stringing together thoughts to tell me something is brand spanking new, and I am thrilled to see this development in her.

Work has been pleasantly busy lately. I like it. I'd rather be busy than bored any day.

Best be going. Thanks for checking in.


Steph{anie} said...

Yay for your house being on the market! I will keep you in my prayers throughout the loan approval process and the showing/selling process!

Wish you could have come to the photowalk last Saturday...Candace told me that you two were thinking about going. It would have been fun to meet you :-)

Candace said...

To comment on Stephanie's comment... i think we should plan a meeting sometime! I would love that!

Anyway... isn't it just amazing when our babies start explaining and telling us things! I just love to hear Grace telling me about things... of course, on the other side of the coin, Grace has also started that fun thing: talking back! not so much fun!

Anyway... Love it! And... will be praying for your house stuff! :)

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