Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Homes

I saw this done on another blog, and thought it was a neat idea. Here are my homes (all photos except the last one taken from GoogleMaps, last photo from Exit Realty).

The house I grew up in. Loved it. My parents still live there, and it will always feel like HOME to me.

My dorm at college. Lived there for one year. The only all-girls dorm on campus. It was... okay.

My 2nd-4th years at college I rented this house in the neighborhood surrounding campus with some girlfriends. Had some of the best times of my life in this house.

My last year at college I rented the first floor of this house (the one on the right) with a dear friend, and the best roommate anyone could ask for. Even though I was only there a year, some very pivotal moments in my life happened in this house. I especially love the construction worker on his cell phone in this pic, LOL.

The first (and only) place I ever lived all by myself,  my apartment. It was an older, but well-maintained, building. I lived in the one-bedroom building section, in a building I fondly named the "middle-aged divorced men's building".

The house we live in now, as it was when I moved in with FireMan. This pic circa early 2007.

Our house now, three years later. When I saw the first picture, from GoogleMaps, I felt compelled to find an updated pic. I think you can see why, LOL. We've done an amazing amount of work on this house, and I am very proud of how it's turned out. Isn't it cute? Now if we could just get someone to buy it..

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