Friday, June 18, 2010

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y here this past week. I'll try for a quick-ish recap.

Last Saturday I took Buddy to a six hour dog training seminar. It's a first for either of us, as he's never been to even basic obedience training, and I've never taken any dog to any sort of training. He did really well, for the most part. I don't know who has more to learn, me or him! I'm really hoping that with some work our transition to having our dogs as indoor dogs in the new house will not only be possible, but will be a pleasure.
BTW - I was really impressed with the work the trainer did with the dogs there. Many of them were foster dogs and had "issues". If you have a dog & live in the Greater Cincinnati area and would be interested in coming to her next seminar, send me a private message (

Saturday night we attended the wedding of one of Jason's cousins, followed by a late-night showing of "The Killers" (recommend it). The wedding was "adults only", so we left Jena with my parents and had a date night of sorts.

Sunday I went to pick up Jena, and noted she had a low grade fever. But she otherwise acted okay, so I chalked it up to something related to the treatment for her staph infection. Got her up Monday morning, and she still had a fever, and vomited twice before I even got to try breakfast. Took her to the pediatrician. Good news: her staph infection looked really good, is healing nicely. Bad news: she has a virus. Her fever finally broke overnight Tuesday night. Which means Tuesday was a bad night. Her fever reached 104 F, and only came down to 103 F on Tylenol. She kept crying & waking up, so I eventually let her sleep on my chest, in the recliner. At some point I woke up covered in sweat. Her sweat. Then when she woke up in the morning, her temp was down to 99 F, and the fever hasn't been back yet. She's still somewhat whiny though, and clingy. And still not much of an appetite. So Jena's still not 100% back yet, but she is definitely so, so, soooooooooo much better than she was earlier in the week.

Of course she gets sick during what would be a very busy week at work for me. So I got permission to work a limited amount of time from home, and signed in remotely during Jena's naps.

Wednesday we had a showing. Last minute. I really didn't want to make Jena leave the house, since she was still not feeling well, but she didn't have a fever anymore, and the big picture is that these are potential buyers who might buy our house, so... we left. Now for the adventure. We come home an hour later, and as I'm trying to put the dogs back in the yard (we lock them in their room in the basement for showings), Jena opens the basement door when my back is turned, and... we have three loose dogs. As I'm trying to get Jena in the car & round up the leashes, my phone won't stop ringing. It's Jason. We have another showing. In 15 minutes. I now have a sick baby, three loose dogs, and can't even go home?!? The realtor is pulling in the driveway as I am leaving. It's the same people that were just there! I drive around, and eventually corral all three dogs into the car. Did I ever mention that these are not small dogs. Well, Flopsy is. But the big dogs? We're talking 85 & 90 lbs, respectively. Three dogs & a toddler in the car. And I'm not supposed to go home. I did anyway, planning to drop them off in the back yard & leave. Well, the potential buyers saw me & flagged me down as I was getting back in the car. Asked me quite a few questions, then they left. Okay, good. Get Jena inside, give her a bath. As I'm drying her off, my phone rings again. It's Jason. Another showing. In 20 minutes. I look down. Jena is nodding off. It's been a long day for her (and for me). But I have to focus on the big picture of selling the house. So we leave. Ends up, it's the same people! This time with their handyman.

So... ends up they did a sort of mini-inspection that day. Our realtor said their realtor is either a rookie, or just really inconsiderate, and that she should have instructed them that they need to make an offer first, then have a real inspection done. So supposedly they are planning to make an offer, but following their "mini-inspection" have already decided on some upgrades they want to do, so are going back to their bank to get pre-approved for more $$ for the upgrades. We're supposed to have our offer no later than close of business on Monday.

All I have to say is that after all that, they'd better make a decent offer! Jena & I were exhausted after all that, and I could tell the dogs were really stressed by having strangers coming in & out of the house so many times.

Yesterday was my first day in the office all week. And besides playing catch-up, we had a major event today that I was on the planning committee for. And I was determined to start Weight Watchers. So needless to say, yesterday was nuts.

Most of today was spent in final preparations for the event, plus the event itself. It was a huge success, and was well received by everyone. It was the first time we had done anything like this at my work though, so there are definitely some learning points for future endeavours, but all-in-all, it was great. And I am sunburnt.

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