Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Owners of Local BP Stations:

I am sorry for the affect it will have on you as local merchants, but I really think I'm gonna have to go ahead with my boycott of BP. Because the fact is that the money trickles from you up to the big boys idiots at the top. And they are really pissing me off lately.

For both your economic well-being, as well as your ability to live with yourself, I am gonna at this point suggest that you investigate the feasability of re-aligning your business with a different oil company.

As someone who has knowledge of large corporations who profit from individual consumer purchases, I am fully aware of how a lag in sales, while indeed hurting the local merchants, is also still felt at the top, at both a national & global level. So despite claims to the contrary, I am confident that if enough people boycott BP, our voices will be heard. Money talks.

In conclusion, the products that I am aware of that profit BP are: any purchases from any BP station (only sold under "BP" in my area, that I know of), and any Castrol oil products (mental note to talk to FireMan about what kind of oil he buys). Readers are welcome to post additional products that they may know of as well (please cite references if possible).

Thank you.

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