Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear New Baby Kitty:

Stop scratching me in the middle of the night!

Seriously, I know you're probably just trying to play with me, but I don't appreciate waking up with fresch cat scratches on various parts of my body.
Especially not this morning, when I got in the shower and discovered a three-inch long scratch on my BB!

Please, stop!


Dear Body:

WTHeck! Why are you not waking up when FireKitty scratches you?!? What is your problem? Don't just lie there and take it, wake up already and knock her off the bed! She'll learn eventually! But not if you keep sleeping thru it!
Seriously, how do you not wake up from that?!?

1 comment:

Candace said...

LOL!!! been there, done that! So funny!

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