Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Admin-in-neighboring-department:

Um, so yesterday you came over, told me you are completely out of file cabinet space & need more. Tried to talk me into giving away some of our filing cabinets.

Today, I watch as you direct facilities to remove two large filing cabinets from your area, both of which have large signs on them marking them as "empty".

It's no secret that you & I do things differently. We don't see eye-to-eye on much. But it really grinds my gears when you come over here and try to take our stuff. Because you've done it more than once. Actually you don't take it, you very nicely & politely try to persuade us that your department needs it more than we do. Nicely & politely like a snake in the grass.

But this latest baffles me. Complain that you don't have enough file space, then get rid of two large, empty filing cabinets.

Knowing you like I have come to know you over the past three years, I am going to assume that they were not in a convenient location, or were too bulky in your opinion, or unsightly, or there was some reason that you decided that it would be better (for you) if you could just use some of ours, and go ahead & get rid of the very large, empty filing cabinets that just got wheeled past my desk.

But I told you 'no'. You probably didn't expect that, judging by the expression on your face yesterday when I explained to you that almost all of our drawers were in use. But it's true. And so no, you can't have any of our filing space. And the fact that you just got rid of two cabinets.

But that's your problem, now isn't it?

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