Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Random Note to Catch Up

It's been busy around here.

Mother's Day was wonderful. I had a really nice day. The best part was when I picked FireGirl up from the nursery at church - they had made flowers (pipe cleaners + tissue paper) for the moms. She came out handing it to me so proudly! I loved it! So, so precious! The best flower I've ever received! Other than that there wasn't anything spectacular. We shuttled from home to church, to my grandma's house, to WalMart (LOL), to dinner with my mother-in-law, and finally to home. A lot of driving and moving around, but other than that it was just a really nice, relaxing day. Just perfect.

Yesterday I had the best day at work I've had in a while, so that was good. Followed by my therapy consultation. It went really well. Mostly they just kinda scratch at the surface to figure out what's going on and which counsellor would be best for me / my issues. I go back next week. And then... we met with the realtor and put an offer on the house! Woo hoo! So now we just have to wait and see if they accept the offer, or counter. So exciting!

Haven't been back to the gym yet. Was planning to go yesterday after my therapy appt, but then we ended up meeting with the realtor. By the time all was said & done, we didn't get home until after 9:30pm, and then getting FireGirl ready for bed, etc. It was a late night. Then I thought I'd go tonight, but we have a vacation coming up, and I need to get the house ready, and get us packed, since I won't be able to tomorrow night, because we have an appointment with the trainer. Whew. It has been crazy busy around here lately.

Oh, and to address Nota's comment / concern about me cancelling the trainer when FireMan can't go (which I was actually wondering if anyone would comment on, LOL): we paid for so many sessions with the trainer. But if we go together, it still only counts as one session. So when we signed up we agreed that we would only go together, that way we both get our money's worth out of it. I do go to the gym without FireMan. In fact, I would say I've probably been twice as often as he has. Just got out of the routine with mine & FireGirl's illness, and gotta get back into the swing of things.

And we're still having an issue with the childcare at the gym, so we're trying to give FireGirl a break by having a relative watch her when we go for a few weeks. We're hoping that when we take her back maybe things will be better, and she'll be settled down. I know she's about that age for separation anxiety, but I'm still convinced that something happened there, to make her so hysterical. She does not react like that anywhere else we take her. Not saying the workers did anything, but maybe another kid pushed her, or she fell off of something, or something that has her absolutely refusing to go in there. She doesn't act afraid of not wanting to be around any particular worker or anything, it's just the place itself. It's just a nightmare. For her and us. And the workers. And the other kids. So... we'll see.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Trying to figure out what FireGirl & I will have for dinner. Mentally making a checklist of everything I need to do tonight to get ready for vacation. Trying not to get my hopes up about the house, but still trying to think about it some, because we need to move pretty quickly after closing so we can get our current home rented out. Working on marketing FireMan's business. Need more business. So behind on the pet rescue website that I'm supposed to be working on. Lots going on, and not enough time in the day. LOL.

So that's me as of late. Thanks for checking in!

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