Thursday, May 20, 2010

General Update

We went to Home Depot Tuesday night and looked at our options for flooring, windows, doors, etc. for the new house. That's something that I really enjoy doing. Anyway, my point is that... the flooring, windows, and the french doors are all about half of what we were budgeting! Woo hoo! We're not going to adjust our budget, that way we're prepared for the unexpected, but it's nice to know that we should end up with some more flexibility in our renovation budget.
In case you're wondering - we had to submit a budget to the bank, since we're getting a renovation loan. Our original budget was based on the numbers given to us by one of FireMan's coworkers, whose second job is as a contractor. Even though we went with his low estimates, we're still coming out way ahead. Woo hoo!

Yesterday after work we had our trainer session at the gym. I love our trainer. She's so sweet, and nice, and soft-spoken, and then out of nowhere she totally kicks our butts! I love it! I still haven't dropped any weight. None. At all. Blah. But I think I'm gonna check my measurements next week, because I swear my pants are a tad looser. I hope I've lost some inches anyway, because the no-weight-loss-thing really frustrates me. I know I haven't been following the plan exactly, but I am eating better, and getting tons more exercise than before, so shouldn't I see some results? Something? We'll see.

And then, after our trainer session, we came home, scarfed down some chicken tacos, and finished just in time for our realtor to come over and check out our house. The house goes on the market June 1st, and we have a ton of work to do before then. But I tell ya, I will be so glad to be out of this house. Soooooo glad.

I think that's about it for now. Thanks for checking in!

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