Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Example of My Food Thoughts

I just got an email advertisement for Domino's Pizza. Here's the conversation in my mind:

Yum! Pizza! Maybe I could order that for dinner tonight. No, that's right, I'm having dinner with "Dawn" tonight. Maybe I could order it after I get home.

Aaaagh! Who actually thinks that?!? Who thinks: no, I already have plans for dinner, so maybe I'll just have a 2nd dinner after I get home?!? Who does that?!?

Well, apparently I do.

I decided to hurry up and get on here & write that out, so you can have an example of my issues. Thoughts like that run thru my head on a pretty regular basis. Like I said in my previous post, it is a constant internal battle.

Honestly, I can say that I win more battles than I lose. Way more, really. Because it is a battle all. the. time. And if I lost more battles, well, I can't even imagine how much I might weigh.

I think that's why emotional eating occurs, at least for me. Because you have fought the battle all. day. long. So then when something happens, and you're discouraged, or frustrated, or hurt, or struggling, or whatever, it's like you just don't have the strength to fight anymore. So you give in where you can. And a lot of times, that's food.

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Steph{anie} said...

Don't feel bad...I struggle a lot with thoughts like this. I'm working on processing through why I think these things, but sometimes it's easier to act on them, then think about the consequences, which is NOT a good thing. Unhealthy attitudes towards food are a hard battle to fight, so know that you're not alone and I'm praying for you!

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