Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Mother-in-Law: (from January)

For future reference, and to spare any embarrassment on your part, or on the part of the hosts of any future parties you volunteer to help with, it is customary to bring all of the items necessary to complete the dishes you volunteer to bring.

Using examples from the upcoming party I am hosting for your son:

1) if you volunteer to bring a meat tray for sandwiches, it is customary for you to also supply the bread & condiments
2) if you volunteer to bring a cheeseball, it is customary for you to also supply the crackers
3) if you volunteer to make punch to be served with the cake, it is customary for you to supply all the ingredients for the punch, not to expect another party-goer to bring Sprite for you.

I hope you find this information helpful in the future.

Thank you.

Your Daughter-in-Law


I am soooo glad I called her. FireMan's 30th bday party is tomorrow. I could maybe understand not bringing the bread & condiments, but who makes a cheeseball, but wasn't planning to bring crackers? or says she's making punch, but then was expecting you to bring the Sprite for the punch? Who does that?

And she'd better bring enough meat. I keep telling her I fully expect right at 50 guests, possibly a few more, and she keeps saying "well, there's a good chance only 30 or so will show up". And when we just now discussed the bread, and I told her no problem, I'm going to the store tonight anyway, she said "well, don't, you know, buy too much. No need to go overboard". I'm seriously thinking about buying a pre-made meat tray from Kroger & keeping it in my car just in case.

Grrr. As if trying to keep all this a surprise weren't stressing me out enough already.

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