Monday, May 24, 2010

Big News version of Not Me Monday

I most certainly did not go to the county animal shelter Saturday after my meeting and adopt a kitten.

Nope. Not me. Wouldn't do such a thing.

Especially would never do something like that without telling FireMan. Nope. Not me.

That's why I couldn't tell you my big news on Saturday. On the off-chance that FireMan decided to pick that day to read my blog. I just told him about an hour ago. Yep, he's been gone for five days straight. And I went and got a kitten. LOL.

She is so awesome! I love her! I shall call her... FireKitty.

She was a stray, and the staff is estimating her age at about three months. I really wanted an itty-bitty eight week old kitty, and they had five of those (from two different litters), but all off the little ones were more timid, one or two were kinda standoffish. And I really wanted a kitten that could be FireGirl's cat.

You see, FireCat... well, he's not exactly FireGirl's friend. He likes her. Sort of. He has to run in her room every morning when she wakes up. If we put her to bed without him seeing us, he will cry outside her door until we let him to check. It's like he wants her there, but...
He does not like her petting him. He doesn't play with her. He tends to run away from her. He's been known to bat at her with his paws, and scratched her face pretty badly once (just once, or we might not have FireCat anymore if FireMan had anything to say about it).

And so, I wanted a cat that would be more on FireGirl's level. And I think I found just that. They are already interacting wonderfully. FireKitty (when she's not running around the house getting her friskies out) will follow FireGirl around. She rubs on FireGirl. She tries to give her kisses. FireGirl has even held her a few times (sitting down, with Mommy supervising closely). They play together. They chase each other down the hallway. And when FireKitty got tired and laid down on the floor for a cat nap, FireGirl laid down next to her. They just laid there, looking at each other. I wish I'd had my camera. It was adorable. Heart-warming.
This morning, before anything else, FireGirl wanted to go see FireKitty. Had to argue with her about changing her diaper first. Before her milk. Before her breakfast. And FireGirl, who is slow to wake up (like her mommy) and usually wants to be held for the first half an hour or so of every morning, was pushing to get out of my arms to find FireKitty.

FireCat is adjusting well. I think. I kept FireKitty in a separate room for all of Saturday, and Sunday up until 9pm or so. They smelled each other under the door. I'd move FireKitty into another room so FireCat could go into the spare room to smell all of her stuff. Things like that.
So when they mingled for the first time last night? Lots of hissing, a little growling, one swipe from FireCat. That's about it. His hissing is clearly more for show. I think he's more upset with me. Which makes me sad. But I also know that he gets bad separation anxiety when we're gone, and I'm hoping that at the very least FireKitty will become a welcome companion when he's otherwise alone.
I separated them again today, while we're all out of the house. FireCat is such a big, bruiser of a cat. And FireKitty is such a little tiny girl. I just didn't want to chance any "accidents" while we were gone. Not this soon.
Hopefully in the coming days FireCat will grow to accept, if not like, her. I'm hopeful. It's going better than I thought it would.

Oh, and I was gonna post pics, except that FireMan had the camera all weekend. So I went to the shelter's website, and couldn't find her anywhere, not even under "Success Stories". So... no pics yet.

Thanks for checking in!


Melissa said...

Congratulations on the new addition. I can't wait to see pics!

Candace said...

Oh, I should have guessed!!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics of FireKitty and FireGirl together!!! :)

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