Friday, April 2, 2010

WARNING: depressing post inside

So, there have been some recent events in both my personal and professional life, and I had an epiphany of sorts about it last night.

I am replaceable.

We all are.

If I quit my job tomorrow, they will replace me with someone else. Maybe two someone elses. But they will replace me, and the work will go on.
If the God forbid happens and FireMan & I ever split up, he will find someone new. In fact, I am proof of that, being his second wife. He will move on.
And then I looked at FireCat, and realized that as much as I like to think that he adores me, if he ran away, and some other person took him in and fed him and showed him love... well, you get the picture.

It's very depressing.

We like to tell ourselves that we are irreplaceable. That no one else can fill the hole. But we're wrong.

Oh, they'll never be just like you. No one is. And they might not be as good as you. Maybe. They might be better. Troubling thought.

Life will go on. People will move on. Even pets. No one needs us. Not really.

The only one of us that is truly irreplaceable... is God Himself. That's it.
In fact, in His infinite wisdom, he made our world as such that we can proceed through life when one of us leaves.

But it's still rather depressing.


Deesha said...

I believe that yes, in the physical form - we are definitely replaceable.

But, our soul and hearts, as well as personalities, smiles, laughs and tears certaintly are not. They are unique to each of us.

I agree 10000% about God. He is so amazing.

Cynthia said...

Alright - because part of my mission in life seems to be telling it like I see it - I need to tell you - my B.S. meter just went off with loud noises and red lights.

You get all goal oriented and then you get all wallowey and self-sabotage the goal. Snap out of it - YOU ARE NOT REPLACEABLE!!!

Ask yourself - is anyone going to love your daughter the way you do? If something were to happen to your husband, God forbid, would you love someone else in exactly the same way? If something were to happen to me and my husband remarried, I'm sure he would be happy - but would she make sure that there is always peanut butter & strawberry jelly in the house for him the way I do? Ask a child who has lost a parent if a step-parent is the replacement, or if they were just lucky enough to have yet one more person care for them?

We might RECOVER and move on, but we do not replace. People aren't interchangeable - if they were, would it be so hard to find 'the right guy'? Yes, if you quit your job the company is likely to hire someone else to fill THE ROLE you're temporarily filling, but will that same someone cheer up a co-worker the same way? Organize papers the way you do?

The ROLES might be re-fillable, but the people in them most certainly are not. In your belief system isn't there a creed belief that we are all pretty much hand-crafted by God with unique gifts? Isn't it almost an insult to him and the gifts you were given to say that they are not unique and can be replaced? Just because you can't feel your unique place at the moment doesn't mean it isn't there.

Could some other mother have made your daughter? You are NOT replaceable.

PS - I think it's great you joined a gym and I highly agree that you should go with a trainer. Max the time and meet with them every other week or every three weeks rather than once a week - unless you feel like the only way you'll hit the gym as often as you'd like is to have someone you're paying to meet.

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