Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going the Gym Last Night = F A I L

It started with FireGirl not wanting to go to the playroom. At all. I have never seen her act like this. Full on sobbing / screaming. It took 20 minutes to calm her down enough for us to leave.

Then, I weighed in. Yep, gained another pound. Great. I'm trying to be positive though. Even though I'm struggling with my eating, I know I'm doing better than before I tracked anything. And I'm definitely getting more exercise than I have in a long time. So, results will come. Right?
I'm telling myself that the weight gain is because:    #1 - my monthly visitor has come, and    #2 - I've been under some stress lately. Ironically a small part of that stress is finding time to go to the gym. But there's other stuff too. All stress, nonetheless.

Started with some strength training. That went pretty well. I can already tell how it's easier for me than the first time we did it. Moved on to the stationary bike. First one was broken. Second one worked, but not the heart monitor part, which is what I try to keep an eye on. All others were taken. Managed to get 12 minutes in anyway.

And then... the voice came over the intercom. I knew it was for me before they said anything. First time I've heard them use the intercom at all, and I knew it was me. Sure enough. Being paged to the playroom.

I got there to find FireGirl right by the door, flat on the floor, screaming in all out tantrum mode. Face & clothes covered in floor dirt. They said she started just a few minutes after we left, and had been sobbing / screaming the entire time. And then started rolling on the floor screaming. Let one lady hold her for a few minutes, but didn't quiet down at all. Wouldn't let any of the others near her. Ran from them. Proceeded to roll on the floor by the door screaming & crying. They were concerned because she was so very upset, and inconsolable, so decided to page me. They kept apologizing, but I told them I was glad they did.

Now, I have no reason to think the people that work there are anything but great. The first three times she went she did reasonablly well. I've talked to them & watched them, they seem fine.
But... I'm not gonna lie. The mommy part of me is a little suspicious of her reaction. I have never, ever seen her react like that. Never. Not like that. She's been upset before when we've dropped her off different places, but... not like this. And running from the workers? Unheard of. There is a part of me that wonders what happened last time she was there. Did a worker do something to her? Another child? Did she fall or something & they not tell me? My mind has been going back to it since the incident.
Hopefully it was just a fluke. She just didn't want to go. Maybe she wasn't feeling well or something. When they don't talk, it's hard to know. But I can tell you I will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

So, that about sums it up. Last night, gym = FAIL.     {sigh}

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Cynthia said...

You didn't fail. You got 12 minutes in on the bike. That's what you could do and you did it. Better than sitting on the couch.

Do they have a pool and are you allowed to take FireGirl in the pool? Maybe next time she's having issues, you can try having her join you in the pool. It would be fun for her and you could do some water walking and lifting using her as your resistance. Just a thought.

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