Monday, April 5, 2010

First Personal Training Session

Well, I survived. Barely, LOL.

I think it's gonna be really good. We spent a lot of time talking about our current & past fitness levels, our goals, our restrictions, etc. And then, the first workout.

And it totally kicked my butt. As in, I threw up. Sorry if TMI, just wanted to give you an idea of how hard I worked at it.

And I am sooooo sore.

We had a couple of people tell us they really kick your butt at the first session, because they want to figure out how much you can really take. And they weren't joking.

But... I'm excited. I really think this is gonna be good. Really do.

One thing that really impressed me is that as sore as the rest of my body is... my back doesn't hurt at all. Amazing! Maybe these trainers know what they're doing after all, LOL!

We talked about nutrition too. Not too much detail. Basically we need to stay away from fast food (don't we all), and need to eat protein, protein, protein, and some whole grains too.

As far as targets, he seemed pretty confident that if I stuck to the program, and put in a "good faith effort", he can all but guarantee me I'll drop 30 lbs in the first 3 months. That... would... be... AWESOME.

They want me in the gym at least 3x per week, and FireMan in there at least 2x per week.

We're gonna start out seeing the trainer 1x per week, then as we get more confident in our workouts, spread them out more.

This week the plan is for me to go tonight, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That was one of the issue we brought up too. With FireMan's crazy schedule, we don't really have a set schedule we can keep too, so it'll have to change every week. The trainer didn't seem too concerned, as long as we stayed commmitted to coming.

Wednesday will be our next training session, and we'll actually do measurements & such. And we're supposed to get more detailed info about our nutrition. And then the workout.

So tonight I'm supposed to do something more "light", so I plan to check out their water fitness class, since I know that is no -> low impact.

I'm really excited about the whole thing. Still. Even though it hurts every time I get up, LOL. I'm telling you, I am sore pretty much everywhere in my body... except my lower back {smiles}. Yep, he's good.

So far, I am very happy with our decision. I'll keep you posted as we progress!


Cynthia said...

I'll just take a second to share with you that my back problems, while not gone, have been alleviated a lot by lifting weights (and a good visit to the chiropractor once a month). I think getting stronger actually helps stabilize the trouble areas as the muscle density can hold things in place that fat won't support. Good for you! Good job!

Dee said...

Good Job!!! You got it. Don't give up. Keep it moving and see how good you feel mentally and physically after awhile. Good Luck to your other half as well!

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