Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Full Week at the Gym: week in review

Well, I did it. Last week I went to the gym four times. Four. Woo hoo!

Did Aqua Fitness on Monday. It was a better workout than I anticipated! Definitely worked my abs and my arms. Especially my abs.

Met with the trainer on Wednesday. Did a light cardio workout. No biggie. I have learned, however, that for some reason the elliptical kicks my butt. My heartrate skyrockets, and I get tired way too soon.

Thursday started by getting on the elliptical to get my heartrate up, then finished with 30 min on the stationary bike.

Saturday we swam 25 laps. Okay, I admit, I didn't swim all 25. Some of them I walked alongside FireMan (in the water) as he swam. But I kept moving.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my workouts. We were scheduled to see our trainer tonight, but the trainer had to cancel due to a family emergency. So we're on our own. I told FireMan I thought we needed to do some strength training, since neither of us had done that in a week. We'll see what we come up with, LOL.
Then I should be able to go Thursday night, and Saturday morning. That'll be three times for this week.

As far as the eating plan... when I track (I know, I know - I should be tracking every day) I do pretty well... except for fat. Even when I try to make good choices I am eating way more fat that I am supposed to. Take today for example. I had a lightly buttered piece of wheat toast for breakfast, and one ounce of almonds for my morning snack. And I only had five fat grams left for the day. Seriously? My fat intake is definitely going to be my biggest challenge food-wise.

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Dee said...

Good job lady! I am proud of the job you have done in your first week. Not quitting and sticking with it.
I totally get what you mean about the fat part. Totally. I am in the SAME boat. Lost 15 last year, gained 20 back this year. I may not look it...but it bothers me bigtime. Continue to pray about it as I do every morning and keep on movin'...you and him doing it together is awesome as well :)

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