Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We joined a gym...

... and I am nervous. And a little scared.

So, I had to face it, this baby weight wasn't going anywhere. And quite frankly, I wasn't exactly thin before I got pregnant. I've tried a couple of diets & eating plans... lost some weight, but put it all back on once I stopped. I've tried getting exercise my own way... and repeatedly threw out my back.

FireMan's weight has also been creeping up, and with his family history of heart disease he was beginning to worry about it. And with his job, he does need to maintain a certain amount of physical fitness.

So, we talked about it. And talked about it. Forgot about it. Talked about it again. This conversation has been coming & going in our household for over a year.

So... it came up again. And we went back and forth. We can't afford it. We are on a budget, and a debt reduction plan, neither of which have any room for a gym membership.

But we also are beginning to realize that we have to do something, for our health. What's the point of having a little more money, of getting out of debt a little sooner, if we're not around, or if we're not able to enjoy it because of health problems?

So we went in, "just to talk to them". Agreed ahead of time what was the most we could pay monthly, because we knew they offered different memberships & training packages, and would try to upsell us on everything. Decided we would do a month-to-month plan, so if for any reason it didn't work out, we weren't out anything extra. This was especially important (I thought) since neither of us has ever belonged to a "real" gym before (I don't count Curves), and we didn't really know what we were getting into.

And then the sales manager pointed out how much money we would save if we paid in full. And FireMan decided that was better. Granted, it is a better deal. But there's no backing out now. We are paid in full... for eightteen months! Two memberships, including group fitness, plus daycare while we're there. For EIGHTTEEN months.
I'm not thrilled about that, but maybe it will end up being good. I mean, if we don't lose it, we'll lose it. And it's a pretty big chunk of money. As in, a good chunk of our tax refund that we were supposed to be using to pay off what little debt we've accumulated in the past year.

Saturday we both go in to meet with a personal trainer and get our initial fitness evaluation. We also need to decide if we want actual training sessions. I do. Honestly, I wouldn't know what to do in a gym. And with my back condition, I really have no idea what I can & can't do / should or shouldn't do. I would at least like to have a trainer for the first couple of months maybe, just so I know... you know? But... I really don't want to pay the extra $$ for the training sessions. Like really don't. I guess we'll just have to talk it over & decide.

Part of me is really excited that this might actually be what I need to turn the page and get into a healthier (and thinner!) me. Part of me is really nervous, scared even. I'm not just fat, I am totally out of shape. I've always been on the big side, but before my accident I was at least strong. Had something to show for it. Now I'm just the weak fat girl.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I'll keep you updated on my (hopeful) progress!

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Melissa said...

Congratulations! That same conversation has gone through this house many times as well. We just haven't taken on the challenge yet. Please keep us updated on your progress and maybe it will motivate me to get up and do something.

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