Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes I think it's all about perspective

You know, the idea that everything that we take in (see, hear, read, etc) is colored by our past experiences and knowledge.

And sometimes, when talking about an issue, I think there is no true right or wrong, but just different perspectives.

And I think that sometimes you reach a point where it is no longer reasonable to engage in discussions about a topic, because the differing viewpoints probably have more to do with perspective than they do with actual hard facts. Especially when you agree on the facts.
*by "facts" I mean hard facts, hard & fast numbers or statistics that can be proven

So what brought about this thought (today, at least) is a "discussion" I've had with a friend on Facebook, where she made the statement that there are people in our country with "nothing"

Let's just say we disagree.

But our "talks" have led me to think about the concept of "having nothing". Even being familiar with those in poverty, I have a really hard time believing that there is anyone in our country, who wants help and is willing to seek it, who truly has nothing, has no where to turn. Even the homeless have shelters and places to give them food and help if they want it.

When I think of those who "have nothing", my mind turns instead to the people in Haiti, Grenada, Kenya, India, or any number of developing countries, where oftentimes there isn't even help to be found, no matter how hard they look.
In our country, I think families living in Appalachia, with shacks for houses, and living hours from the nearest hospital are probably the closest to "having nothing". Limited access to food pantries, doctors, sometimes even schools due to their rural location. I think those represent the closest we have to people who have nothing, who are the farthest removed from receiving assistance.

But that is just my perspective.

My friend's perspective is obviously different.

This doesn't make either of us right or wrong. It makes us different. Which is what makes us each awesome in our own right. And which is what enables us to approach issues and problems from different angles, which can ultimately lead to solutions.

Because if we all thought alike, if we all saw everything the same way, we wouldn't see the world at all, would we?


Deesha said...

Great contrast with the Appalachia. That is cool they have shacks for houses.
Money is running out and has run out and unfortunately resources that were avaiable to many aren't anymore. That is where many grassroots places step in.
We are different and I love that about life, meeting different people and sharing different views. Neither of us is right or wrong.
I think the problem comes in when that difference causes judgement.

Jodi said...

"I think the problem comes in when that difference causes judgement."

I agree totally.

And I think I've reached a point where I'm tired of being judged because I have a different viewpoint than others.

Deesha said...

I feel the same way all the time. But I pray about it and God is awesome in giving me strength and grace to deal with it. :)

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