Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, the dreaded stomach bug

Yep, we got it.

Yesterday I was sicker than I have been in a very long time. To give you an idea, I lost four pounds in one day. FireGirl had it as well, as did my mother-in-law.
Luckily (???) I seem to have gotten the worst of it, and FireGirl the least.

I am so blessed that this hit on a day FireMan was home to take care of me. And since we'd had a date night Monday night, FireGirl was still at my parents' house, so they kept her to take care of her and give me a chance to get better.

I feel much, much better today, although I'm still not convinced that it's all gone yet. But I do think some of my yucky feeling today is from not eating hardly anything yesterday. I know that's probably a lot of my tiredness and occasional lightheadedness. That and dehydration.
So I'm staying home again today, resting & refueling. And occasionally doing a bit of housework. But mostly resting.

Here's hoping you all stay well!

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