Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not put FireGirl in her room Sunday morning and shut the door just because I had had enough of her whining & crying and needed some space.

I have not been seriously contemplating quitting my job, even though I'm not sure we can afford it, but just quitting anyway.
And I certainly am not contemplating not working outside of the home at all, but just quitting. That would be ridiculous. And scary.

I did not put aside my water at lunch in exchange for a free Mt Dew. I would never make a bad food choice like that. Not me.

I did not pass out at my parents' house yesterday afternoon, for no apparent reason, other than just being exhausted.
And when my mom asked why I was so tired, I most certainly did not reply by saying that being a single mom is really hard, because I absolutely would never resent my husband for being gone as much as he is, and for leaving all most 99% of the housework for me to do, even though I work full-time outside the home too.

I of course did not not check the forecast for Sunday, and take FireGirl to church without a coat or jacket.

And I most certainly am not sweating to death in my work jacket today, because I refuse to take it off, because I'm too self-conscious about how fat I look without it on. Not me. I would never be that silly.


Steph said...

The sweating in the jacket comment made me laugh because I do the same thing. Oh, the things we women do to hide our fat!!

Thanks so much for your comment on my last post! I need to catch up on emails but I will be sending one your way soon! Your kind words mean more than you know.

Marianne said...

I used to be the girl that kept the jacket on...but long ago I started watching What Not to Wear and discovered that trying to hide it, just makes you look bigger.

About quitting your job, have you ever thought about doing daycare in your home? It's very profitable, you can spend more time with J, get some chores done while they nap, etc. Just a thought...

Melissa said...

I did not take my kids out for grilled cheese sandwiches just because I wanted out of my house this evening.

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