Friday, March 26, 2010

I thought I said this yesterday, but I guess I wasn't clear

Quoting my own blog entry:

"I acknowledge that I, as a white person, don't know and will never know what it's like to be black,..."

Apparently some of you missed that line.

The main point of my entry, while it may have been muddled by the other details I provided, was actually that:

"to write off someone's point of view as being not relevant, as not having merit, as not being worthy of serious consideration simply because they are white, because of the color of their skin, is by definition, a prejudiced way of thinking."

And that one of the reasons that is disturbing, isn't because someone is acknowledging a difference, but because in the context that I am hearing it being used (meaning it's not always used that way, but in the context of which I am speaking):

"it seems to be an excuse. A made up reason to not have to consider a differing viewpoint. A way of taking the easy way out. Not just with others, but within themselves."

Some of you agree with me. Some of you don't. That's fine. I have a feeling it all as to do with our perspectives.

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