Monday, February 22, 2010

Vent from a FireWife

I don't care that you're a woman. I don't care what the freak gender you are. Or race. Or sexual orientation. Or religion. Or whatever.

What I care about is that if it comes down to it, you are physically able to pull my husband's body out of a burning building.

It angers me to no end that in the name of equality, physical agility tests for firefighters (and other dangerous professions) are being watered down so that there are more eligible women.

This. Is. Dangerous.

And, quite frankly, it's insulting to women.

Either you can do it, or you can't. Period.

My husband is a large man.
He is 6 feet, 7 inches tall
He currently ways 260 lbs

And I'm supposed to be pleased that more women can now become firefighters, not because they worked hard to build up their physical prowess, but because the department made the test easier so that more women can pass and they can stop taking crap about not being diversified enough?!?
I'm not pleased. I'm not happy. I am ticked beyond belief.

Like I said before, I could care less what your gender is, or anything else. Either you can pass the test or not. Either you can lift & carry/drag the dummy or not. Either you can pull the hose or not. Either you can hammer the sled or not. Either you can save my husband's life, or not.
And if you can't pass the original test, the test that ensures that you are physically able to handle the duties of firefighting? Then get the h*** out of my firehouse! Get the h*** away from my husband! You are doing yourself and the community a great disservice.

This needs to stop. Departments / local governments need to stop cow-towing towards the politically correct diversity side of things, and back up their firefighters, support those who put their lives on the line. This is so stupid. It's a safety issue. How can they actually think it's a good idea to compromise on a safety issue in the name of "equality"?!?

And quite frankly, how insulting to women! Oh, we don't think you can do it, but we need more "qualified" female applicants, so we're gonna ease the requirement?!? How insulting! If a woman really wants to be a firefighter, then she should bust her butt and work towards making the goal. I've seen the traditional tests. They're very reasonable for the work being done. There's no reason that anyone entering the fire profession shouldn't have to pass them.

Efforts towards equality are great. But not when you're risking safety to get there. There are lives on the line people. Take your hurt feelings, and bite me. If you can't pass, you can't pass. It's a safety issue. It's not an equality issue. It's a safety issue. Get over it.


Melissa said...

I hear you girl! Do we want them to make it easier for people to become doctors, teachers, or piolots? I thinks if it comes to the safety or well being of others final tests should really ensure they are getting the best people for the job.

Jen said...

I agree--the qualifications should be equal. Equal pay, equal job, equal everything.

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