Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Missed Storytime Last Night... again

I started out the new year determined to take FireGirl to storytime at our local library. Fortunately, they actually have one in the evenings, which accomodates us working stiffs. Unfortunately they only have one in the evenings. So if you miss that one, you're out of luck until the next week.

We made it to the first one this year... and so far that's it. The next week I had a conflicting appointment, then FireMan & I went out of town, then FireGirl got sick, and last night... I had a killer headache & was filling pretty sick to my stomach. So we missed it yet again.

So back to last night. It was the sickest I've felt in a while. Still don't know what caused it. It hit me while driving FireGirl back home from the in-laws. I had to roll down the window in the car just to make it home. I parked as closely to the door as I could, grabbed FireGirl & all of our stuff, went inside, and dumped everything (including FireGirl) near the front door & raced to the bathroom, stripping as I went (I was burning up, sweating, dying of heat). I took her coat & shoes off in the bathroom, leaving them, and the rest of my clothing on the floor. Then I put on my PJs, and curled up on the couch, as she played happily on the living room floor.

At one point she crawled in my lap. And peed on me. Filled up her diaper & then some. Peed all over my lap. Ick.

I changed her, changed me, and went back to the couch.

Apparently at some point, I fell asleep.

I awoke I-don't-know-how-long later, to the sound of FireGirl crying. She had fallen. Not sure why, as I missed it, but she was crying pretty hard. No visible injuries / bruising / etc though. And then I surveyed the damage. She had found my purse by the front door & emptied it. And then opened my wallet & emptied all of its contents. She also had found a bag full of the birthday cards FireMan had gotten at his party, and emptied that bag all over. Needless to say, the living room & kitchen were complete disasters.

But I felt a lot better after my unexpected nap. Managed to clean up some of the mess, but the more I moved, the more the icky feeling tried to creep back. So I didn't get much done.

Awoke to the rest of the mess this morning.

This would have never happened before FireGirl. I could have come home, truly relaxed, gone to bed and (intentionally) taken a nap, or even gone to bed for the night. I wouldn't have gotten peed on, and I certainly wouldn't have had such a mess all over the house.

But I also wouldn't have had FireGirl.

She's worth every mess. Every moment of lost "free" time. Every amount of bodily fluid I have touched over the last 16 months. Every headache. Every added bit of worry & stress. Everything.

She's worth it. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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